Minimum deposit: $100
Platforms Available: Proprietary, Metatrader4
ADSS is an online forex and CFD broker that offers trading of financial assets on its trading platforms. ADSS is the trading name of ADS Securities Group, an Abu Dhabi based group of companies that provides forex, bullion, and commodities trading solutions to both private and institutional investors.

2 thoughts on “ADSS –”

  1. Anne Cook says:

    Account managers control customer funds without their consent, this seems somewhat unacceptable because the losses are large and nobody is responsible for what happened. I do not recommend using this broker.

  2. Jennifer Burrell says:

    The transactions that are made through its platform are completely manipulated by its members, in this way they can obtain large amounts of money while the most inexperienced users cannot realize it. In addition to the moment that a client wishes to close his account, they request to pay a contract clause of $ 2500, something that is not specified previously.

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