3 thoughts on “Capital 88 – www.capital88.com/”

  1. Mark Carlson says:

    This page is a scam, in my case I invested a total of $ 2,400, where it seemed that everything was going well because I generated profits with the passage of 2 months hiring them until they did not let me withdraw my money and then they ended up taking everything, I hope no one else Fall into a trap of this scammer company.

  2. Frank Cooley says:

    I operated with $ 12,000 and earned $ 35,647 of earnings but after that they didn’t let me withdraw the money and also blocked my account. Everything was stolen, stay away from these scammers.

  3. One of his agents spent all my money without giving him permission and after complaining about technical support they blocked my account and kept all the money I had. They are thiefs.

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