3 thoughts on “FGMarkets – https://fgmarkets.com/”

  1. Luke Clarke says:

    I had intentions to carry out operations with this broker 8 months ago but when trying to hire the most basic account that existed, but it never came to me and they did not answer my calls through the technical service to be able to solve this problem, I think they only scammed me This same reason I recommend that you do not use it so that the same thing that happened to me does not happen to you.

  2. Charlie Ryder says:

    The 2 types of accounts they offer are surprisingly high, which seems like a scam to me. I do not plan to operate with this broker.

  3. Sadie Monthgomery says:

    The regulation is possess is not completely reliable, in addition the commercial options they offer are not totally transparent and the commissions are very high. I do not recommend it.

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