4 thoughts on “Forex Optimum – https://private.forexoptimum.com”

  1. Ginger Wilson says:

    I have a lot of inexperience in trading and I admit that I was afraid to trade but this broker performs a good service, I have been completely satisfied but the only detail is that they do not specify very well how the commissions are but anyway I think it is a minor detail.

  2. Luke Trippier says:

    I decided to try their services and I have been very happy with the results, I will operate a lot of time with them.

  3. Kieran Shaw says:

    When I started operating with this company, I didn’t have much hope about its effectiveness, but I have benefited very much and I think its services are highly recommended.

  4. Michael Arnold says:

    Since I started operating I have encountered many scamming brokers but my experience with this company has been excellent. Fully recommended.

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