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Investous was launched in 2018 and offers the trading of Forex and CFD’s across stocks, commodities and indices. The company is split into two branches to offer a regulated CySEC arm for European Union based traders and a less stringently regulated Belize arm for those outside the EEA. The company supports over 280 different types of instruments  and offers demo trading account for those people that want to try the product before depositing.

3 thoughts on “Investous –”

  1. Damian Peterson says:

    With this company I had a very bad experience, when I decided to hire an account advisor I made a few investments that generated losses so I decided to trade on my own, I obtained considerable profits but afterwards the technical support contacted me and they took the account with me reason that performs “money laundering”, are a company of scammers.

  2. Emma Phillips says:

    The leverage they offer is quite good and fair especially for smaller investors, their platform works perfectly but the only drawback is that it takes a long time to respond to requests for income, in my case I had to wait 15 days.

  3. Theresa Hawkins says:

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