Multibank –

MultiBank Group which started off in the US in 2005, is now headquartered in Hong-Kong. Following changes to the FX brokerage industry in the US, the company diversified its operations into Europe, the MENA region, Australia and the British Virgin Islands.

The MultiBank Group brand is located in 15 jurisdictions, helping to deliver forex brokerage services to the target market in these areas.

2 thoughts on “Multibank –”

  1. Leroy Ainsworth says:

    It offers a pretty good service but the only problem it has is that it is impossible to trade with futures because the graphics are distorted and the stop loss is constantly deconfigured but for everything else I think it is a very good and complete broker.

  2. Wendy Hawkins says:

    A total scam, the work of one of his advisors was appalling because he made me spend a lot of money and managed it in the worst possible way, I lost absolutely all my capital but the worst thing is that the company does not want to take responsibility for what happened.

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