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NordFX is an international online brokerage brand that is owned and managed by a Vanuatu registered company called NFX Capital Vu Inc. The company has its office at Vantu House 133 Santina Parade, Elluk, Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu. Founded in 2008, NordFX offers its clients online trading services for cryptocurrencies, forex, precious metals, and market indices. In addition, NordFX also offers managed investment funds for its clients. This is the Electronic Communications Network where the broker passes on the trades through to third-party liquidity providers, rather than taking on the trade themselves. This brings the trader lowers costs for each trade as it works on volume of trades.  It also means your broker isn’t taking the other side of the trade too, which removes the element of conflict of interest.

2 thoughts on “NordFX –”

  1. Stella Bing says:

    I admire this broker because there are no restrictions at the time of making payments, most of the brokers I have used only allowed me to pay by credit card but this allows me to withdraw through Nedeller, Paypal and Skrill. I recommend it.

  2. Connor Swift says:

    In general it is quite complete in all its options but the only deficiency that I get is that it does not have many PAMM service managers, but anyway I think it is a minor detail so I totally recommend it.

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