Pacific financial derivatives Ltd –

Pacific Financial Derivatives Ltd (PFD) is a global online broker that operates from Auckland in New Zealand. The broker was established in 1999 by an experienced Japanese investor who has a similar business in his native country. The brokerage offers Forex, indices and commodities for trading on its platforms. With many years experience in the business, PFD has become a globally established brand.

2 thoughts on “Pacific financial derivatives Ltd –”

  1. Kalie Gardener says:

    Saying thank you is not enough for everything your advisors helped me, it is a complete and recommended service.

  2. Grace Wilson says:

    The leverage that this company has offered me helped me a lot to carry out the business that I had in mind, their interests were not so high and the team had an excellent deal with me since they gave me facilities to return the money. Completely happy with this company.

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