3 thoughts on “Plus 500 – www.plus500.es”

  1. Do not try to operate with this company because when you start making profits, they will freeze your account with the excuse that you need to verify a document but in reality they will steal all your funds.

  2. Casey Melton says:

    1 week ago I made 3 operations with a profit of 20 pips but the next day when I checked my operations were closed and the maintenance balance was very high. I’m going to report them for cheating me.

  3. Charles Cott says:

    The broker and its platform works perfectly until you start to have significant profits, after that the blocking of the account is instantaneous and they request a mandatory verification but even if all the documents are delivered, they always put some obstacle to not being able to recover your money. I recommend that you do not use this broker.

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