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Real Forex is a UK Broker ECN which was founded in 2008 and belongs to the company Finocorp LTD, which specializes in providing trading services for both private customers and institutional customers. Like Broker ECN, it offers direct access to large market liquidity providers including 10 of the world’s largest banks such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, among others. In this way, the trader that operates with this company ensures the best trading conditions in the market with respect to price and speed of execution. You can also employ any trading strategy you want, including those based on scalping (quick market entry and exit operations) which are not allowed by all brokers.

3 thoughts on “Real Forex –”

  1. Harper Wilson says:

    This company provides a moderately good service, but the big problem I can comment on this website is that it does not have an interface and in addition there is no contact information that worries me a lot, anyone who invests with them should be very careful.

  2. Lorenzo Immobile says:

    Apparentemente questa compagnia ha alleanze con diverse compagnie di truffa, che non generano molta fiducia nei suoi servizi.

  3. As informações fornecidas por meio do site são falsas e elas também não possuem um regulamento da empresa governamental. Você deve ter muito cuidado com este corretor.

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