3 thoughts on “turboforex – www.turboforex.com”

  1. After several months in which I have requested the return of my money, the group that makes up the technical support has told me that it is not possible to do it because I breached the terms and conditions of the contract but they do not specify what the problem is, they are simple excuses to keep the money of their customers.

  2. Anthony White says:

    After a while of trading with your company I noticed that small amounts of money disappeared from my funds and when I tried to report the problem with technical support, they blocked my account but I managed to recover my money thanks to the work of an expert. Do not operate with these scammers.

  3. Dinah Stewart says:

    When I planned to invest with this company I found different opinions of users who have used their services. They are a team of scammers who steal money from their clients in different ways, I recommend that you investigate before making an investment and be careful with this broker because you have a very bad reputation in the market.

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