Universal is a platform with global access to all markets in the world such as: CFDs, stocks, ETFs, futures, forex, options, among others. This software has connection with all brokers, being a universal with powerful commercial functions as it offers an extensive list of advanced features.

47 thoughts on “Universal”

  1. Eric Smith says:

    This is one of the most outstanding companies that can be obtained in the market because its variety to trade currencies is quite extensive and offers a very good service, but above all the best of this broker is the customer service where they even serve in different Languages, totally recommended.

  2. The operation of its platform is excellent and the support attention is almost immediate. I highly recommend this broker.

  3. At first I was not sure to invest with them but after operating for a month I have made considerable profits, I will continue to trade with them because I have been very satisfied with their services.

  4. The service is one of the most complete in the market and its commissions are incredibly low. I highly recommend it.

  5. Although I do not have much experience I have been happy with the service offered by this company, its platform is very complete and I think it is a success to operate with them.

  6. I have been very happy with the work of your advisors, your help has helped me a lot and I recommend that you invest in this company if you want to earn high profits.

  7. The profits that I have obtained thanks to this broker are quite high and the most surprising thing is that the commissions are very low, I do not know any broker that is compared. I recommend it.

  8. I have traded with futures and the earnings have been good, and their advisors have helped me a lot in the 3 months that I have been trading with your company. Excellent broker.

  9. At the beginning I was not very sure to invest with them because I have had many bad experiences but their service has been complete and I totally trust this company, I will continue to invest with them for a long time.

  10. I have been operating more than 10 years in which I have tried different brokers and I think this is one of the best I have tried, the spreads are good and the service is excellent.

  11. The technical support works 24 hours and your answers are effective, therefore I have been happy with your service. In addition, withdrawals are quite fast compared to other brokers. I totally recommend them.

  12. It is a very dynamic broker in which they offer all possible market types, having a wide network of options to perform operations according to our preferences. No doubt his work is amazing.

  13. I have operated with Bitcoins and thanks to the work of its staff I have earned a lot of money. They are a great company and I will continue to invest with them.

  14. The commercial options offered by this broker are very varied and favorable for users who wish to trade with different types of currencies.

  15. I did my first business in this broker where I was able to sell minerals, I have earned a lot of money and I have been very happy with the complete service they offered me.

  16. The number of platforms that this company manages are very varied and all work perfectly, and its technical support perfectly explains how to use each of them.

  17. The commissions of this company are established before hiring an account or conducting your own business. I definitely think he is a reliable broker altogether.

  18. The technical support perfectly explains the options offered on its page and the amount of markets it manages are a great reason to invest with this company.

  19. Withdrawals of earnings are very fast and the operation of their general supplements are easy to understand. I totally recommend it.

  20. Its execution is fast, operating with this company generates safe profits and technical support is active 24 hours a day. It is 100% reliable.

  21. I have invested for 4 months in ETFs with this company, I obtained $ 17,829 of profits thanks to the work of their account managers. It is the best broker I have used in my life.

  22. I have operated in several brokers for years and none has seemed as good as this, the variety of markets and platforms that it manages is surprising, no broker lives up to this technology.

  23. The technical support that this investment system has is very professional and available in several languages, the explanations about its system are very specific and easy to understand for all traders, there is a freedom in the banks and in the sending and receiving of money , is simply a liberal technology.

  24. It is surprising the level with which each of the tools is administered, even the commissions that this broker has, is handled with ease and is surprising because it is the most complete in the market, excellent broker.

  25. Withdrawals are made in a very short time and in a wide variety of markets, not only with a VISA card, there are more options compared to many other brokers, their spreads are excellent in the different forms of trading and the platforms they handle have Very complete tools for its users.

  26. The advantage of Universal Platform, is that it can be handled through various platforms and each one of them is complete, neither has errors or at least the two I’ve tried in MT4 and webtrader, the work of its staff is incredible. Without hesitation I will continue to invest with this technology.

  27. Since I started using this broker it has seemed to me that it is very different from the others because it is so extensive and varied with the options to invest, I do not intend to change the broker.

  28. For traders who operate with exotic currencies, it is in their best interest to use this broker because it has the best account managers that I have found throughout Forex, it is certainly surprising.

  29. The commissions are quite low compared to many other brokers who despite being bad charge excessive amounts, withdrawals are fast and do not present any problems, their technical support is excellent. I think he is a perfect broker totally.

  30. I have invested with Stocks and I have made a lot of profits despite my inexperience, the support team goes out of their way to resolve each of the doubts and this is impressive since technology is always to have it. Now I want to test the investment of specific indices with an average of $ 5,000 I hope to continue to obtain good results.

  31. The work of their technical support is excellent, they have helped me a lot to understand their extensive commercial options.

  32. Withdrawals are the fastest on the market and can also be done at any electronic bank, I use Netheleer and PayPal. My withdrawals arrive in 27 hours maximum.

  33. The best broker I have ever tried in my life has been an incredible experience that I have had with this technology.

  34. The leverage is one of the most favorable in the market and the technical service are very professional, they are also available in several languages.

  35. The commercial options it has are extensive, which seems incredible and favorable to all its users. I recently invested in Bitcoins and won $ 3,631, totally happy with the service.

  36. Charlie Monroe says:

    It is the most reliable broker that I have achieved in the 7 years that I have been operating, it has different platforms and the withdrawals are very fast. I totally recommend it.

  37. Spencer Callies says:

    Its execution is very fast and the tools of its platform work perfectly, I will continue to invest with them.

  38. I love to trade with exotic currencies, its graphics and market analysis are excellent. So far it is the best broker I have tried.

  39. When I met this company, I was very inexperienced in trading and I think I have learned a lot in the time I have operated with them, their service is excellent and technical support responds immediately to the emails. I recommend it.

  40. Corey Berkeley says:

    The variety of markets it has is surprising, I had never met a broker that had so many commercial options. I will trade with Stocks, I hope to earn a lot of money.

  41. It is the best broker I’ve tried in my life, it has multiple platforms and the operation of the two I’ve tried has been excellent. I recommend this broker.

  42. The commissions of this company are very low and the withdrawals are quite fast compared to many others I have tried. In addition, payments are made to any electronic bank.

  43. Aaron Chilwell says:

    The technical support you have responds perfectly to all doubts and problems at all times. They also serve their customers in different languages, I love to operate with them.

  44. Jack Pope says:

    The execution is its operations are very fast and the commissions are extremely low. I recommend operating with this company without a doubt.

  45. Ils offrent une grande variété de plates-formes et même les trois que j’ai essayées ont été excellentes car elles fonctionnent parfaitement. Je continuerai à travailler avec eux.

  46. Die kommerziellen Optionen, die sie haben, sind ziemlich umfangreich. Ich habe 2 Monate lang mit Aktien gehandelt und es war sehr profitabel, weil ich in den zwei Monaten, in denen ich mit dieser Firma gearbeitet habe, einen Gewinn von mehr als 12.000 USD erzielt habe.

  47. Francisco Albiol says:

    El soporte técnico es el más destacable de todo el mundo debido a que sus respuestas son inmediatas y sus explicaciones efectivas. Hasta ahora no he tenido ningún problema y pienso que serán los mejores de todo el mercado dentro de muy poco.

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