WCX – https://wcex.com

WCX is a Forex and CFDs broker that offers to trade for a variety of assets across FX, stocks, crypto, and indices. The broker also provides a cryptocurrency exchange service through an alternative platform. According to WCX, the trading platform was developed by a team of experts who formerly worked at Apple. 


3 thoughts on “WCX – https://wcex.com”

  1. The specific information provided through its website is very reliable, I am sure to invest with them soon and I am already making a plan to create a personalized strategy.

  2. Shayla Bridge says:

    The service is completely safe, the spreads are very low and the pips are almost 0. The technical support is very good to learn to trade with bitcoins, certainly recommended.

  3. Wcx is a scam broker!

    After depositing your funds and trading (at least 30 BTC) they will disable your account! No answers and explanation from WCEX why!

    So obviously fraud!

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